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Claims Assistance & Human Resources Support

An integral part of our day-to-day service is our clients claims support. We have staff dedicated to assisting Human Resources/Payroll with claims queries and assistance with difficult or unusual claim issues to help you resolve problems.

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is that we are happy to assist your employees directly, with your permission. We recognize that demands on your Human Resources department and offer our expertise to reduce your time spent on benefit related issues. Follow-up reports or meetings are then arranged to keep you apprised of the issues and keep you in the loop. This is not an additional service you pay extra for. We offer this quick and professional support within our remuneration structure and believe this support is essential to providing the highest value and best results for you.

We actively monitor the level of service provided by your insurers and facilitate timely resolution of issues to your satisfaction. With our extensive experience and excellent reputation in the industry, we are able to offer solutions and negotiate results for our clients.

With our team approach, we work with client and the insurers to provide excellent communication in the form of brochures, booklets, contracts, employee information meetings, and Lunch & Learn Sessions.


Our Team

Head Office

Jarvis & Associates
145 Wellington St. W, Suite 501
Toronto, ON M5J 1H8

Phone: 416-868-0880
Fax: 416-362-3729

Ian Jarvis: Principal
416-868-0880 Ext. 226
Leslie-Ann Holbrow: Principal, CHS
416-868-0880 Ext. 225
David Jarvis: Principal, CHS
416-868-0880 Ext. 224
Wendy Gauthier, Manager, Service & Administration
416-868-0880 Ext. 222
Jessica Donnelly, Senior Client Service Coordinator
416-868-0880 Ext. 227
Prexa Patel, Senior Account Coordinator
416-868-0880 Ext. 228
Nikki Georgiou, Client Service Assistant
416-868-0880 Ext. 223